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The 4DSLR Story

4DSLR started with my vision for the Zoom Cradle. I was on a commercial shoot using a brand name "quick release" mounting system that quickly became a hassle to work with. It was easy to attach and remove the H4N from my camera, but the mounting system hindered access to the batteries. The batteries had a short life span and each time they needed to be replaced, I had to unscrew the "quick release" system, and then screw it back on again. It ate up valuable production time to perform the simple task of switching out batteries. Everyone involved with the production, including the client, was frustrated with the interruptions in our work-flow.

I knew there had to be a better way. This experience lead to my vision of a true quick release holder that would not inhibit the functionality of the MP3 recorder. I built the first prototype by hand and took it to a local manufacturing plant. We fine tuned the design preparing the Zoom Cradle for full production. It took a lot of time and hard work, but 9 months later, I was proud to present a quality, American-made product that is the perfect companion for the Zoom H4N.

Since the development of the Zoom Cradle, I have also introduced 2 other products to the 4DSLR line, the Tripod Stud and our Custom Bokeh Filters.

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